Change iPhone Name: A Step-by-Step Guide to Personalize Your Device

Changing your iPhone’s name is a simple task that can be completed in a few steps. This process is useful if you want to personalize your device or make it easier to identify when connecting to other devices or networks. After reading the brief explanation below, you’ll be able to change your iPhone’s name in no time.

You can also watch this video about how to change your iPhone name for additional information.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Change iPhone Name

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to understand that changing your iPhone’s name will affect how your device is identified on networks and when connecting to other devices via Bluetooth or AirDrop. It’s a great way to personalize your phone and make it stand out.

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

The Settings app has an icon that looks like a gear and is typically found on your home screen. This is where you can adjust various options on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap on General

Scroll down and tap on the “General” option.

The General settings include various device options including software updates, device information, and more.

Step 3: Select About

In the General settings, find and select “About.”

The About section provides detailed information about your iPhone, including its current name, software version, and more.

Step 4: Tap on Name

At the top of the About page, tap on “Name.”

This is the current name of your iPhone. Tapping here will allow you to edit it.

Step 5: Enter a New Name

Delete the current name and enter a new name for your iPhone.

Be creative! This is your chance to give your iPhone a name that reflects your personality or makes it easily identifiable.

Step 6: Tap Done

After entering the new name, tap “Done” on the keyboard.

This will save the new name and apply it to your iPhone immediately.

After completing these steps, your iPhone will have a new name. This will be the name that appears when connecting to other devices, using AirDrop, or when identifying your phone on a network.

Tips for Changing iPhone Name

  • Keep it simple and recognizable, especially if you often connect to other devices or networks.
  • Avoid using special characters or emojis, as they may not be supported on all networks or devices.
  • Consider including your name or initials to make it easier to identify your phone in a crowded area or on a shared network.
  • Think about future-proofing the name in case you upgrade your iPhone – you may want to use the same name for consistency.
  • If you have multiple Apple devices, consider a naming convention to keep things organized (e.g., John’s iPhone, John’s iPad, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I change my iPhone’s name?

Changing your iPhone’s name will update how your device is identified on networks and when connecting to other devices.

Will changing my iPhone’s name affect my Apple ID or iCloud account?

No, changing your iPhone’s name does not affect your Apple ID or iCloud account.

Can I include symbols or emojis in my iPhone’s name?

While you can include symbols or emojis, it’s best to avoid them as they may not be recognized on all devices or networks.

How often can I change my iPhone’s name?

You can change your iPhone’s name as often as you like. There are no restrictions on how many times you can rename your device.

Can changing my iPhone’s name cause any technical issues?

No, changing your iPhone’s name is purely cosmetic and does not affect the device’s performance or functionality.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Select About.
  4. Tap on Name.
  5. Enter a New Name.
  6. Tap Done.


Changing your iPhone’s name is a quick and easy way to personalize your device and make it stand out. Whether you’re doing it for fun or to distinguish your phone in a busy environment, the steps outlined in this article will help you accomplish the task with ease. Remember to choose a name that’s easily identifiable and avoid using special characters that may not be universally recognized. Once you’ve changed your iPhone’s name, it’ll be much easier to spot when connecting to other devices or networks. So go ahead, give your iPhone a new identity and enjoy the personal touch it brings to your daily tech experience!